About the Journal


Journal title Academicus: Journal of Teaching and Learning
Academicus: Journal of Teaching and Learning (ISSN: 2963-2846) is a journal published by Perkumpulan Dosen Tarbiyah Islam Indonesia (PDTII) is published twice times a year (Maret and September) as a media for scientific communication of academicians in the study of Teaching and Learning based on Interdisciplinary Research. Editors invite academicians to contribute their thoughts either in the form of research results, in-depth studies, or book reviews in accordance with the discipline owned. The script is original and has not been published in other media. The manuscripts are preferably from research results and written in either English or Arabic. 
Abbreviation Academicus
Frequency 2 issues per year (March and September)
DOI doi.org/10.59373/academicus
Online ISSN 2963-2846
Language Indonesia and English
Editor-in-chief Akhmad Sirojuddin
Publisher Perkumpulan Dosen Tarbiyah Islam, Indonesia
Citation Analysis Google Scholar. Dimension, Garuda, Crossref