Ensuring the Preservation of Knowledge

Academicus: Journal of Teaching and Learning, we are deeply committed to ensuring the long-term preservation and accessibility of the scholarly work we publish. Recognizing the importance of archiving in maintaining the integrity and availability of academic content, we have established a comprehensive archiving strategy. This strategy guarantees that the valuable insights and advancements shared within our pages remain accessible to educators, researchers, and learners around the world, regardless of future changes in technology or the digital landscape.

Our Archiving Partners and Strategies

To secure the permanence of the academic record, Academicus: Journal of Teaching and Learning employs a multi-faceted approach to digital preservation:

1. LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe): We participate in the LOCKSS system, which ensures that our content is collected and archived in the global LOCKSS network. This decentralized approach guarantees that even in the event of significant digital or physical catastrophes, copies of our work will remain safe and accessible across the network of participating libraries.

2. CLOCKSS (Controlled LOCKSS): Academicus is also a part of the CLOCKSS archive, a global not-for-profit initiative that offers another layer of security and ensures that our content is preserved in geographically and geopolitically distributed nodes.

3. Portico: As a participant in the Portico service, we ensure that our electronic content is securely and permanently archived, safeguarding against the eventualities of technological obsolescence or organizational change.

4. Institutional Repositories: We encourage our authors to deposit the final published version of their articles in their institutional repositories, subject to the acknowledgment of its initial publication in Academicus: Journal of Teaching and Learning. This practice not only aids in the preservation of the scholarly record but also enhances the visibility and impact of their research.

Access for Future Generations

Through these partnerships and strategies, we are dedicated to the stewardship of scholarly works, ensuring they remain available to future generations of scholars, educators, and students. The archives are accessible to libraries and institutions participating in the respective archiving programs, ensuring that the scholarly community can continue to engage with our content, even in the face of unforeseen challenges.

Our Commitment

Academicus: Journal of Teaching and Learning is committed to the ongoing effort of preserving academic research and ensuring its accessibility for the long term. We believe that the knowledge shared today should be a permanent resource for tomorrow's innovations, discussions, and discoveries. By investing in comprehensive archiving solutions, we contribute to the sustainability of the academic community and the advancement of global education and research.